The State Child Fatality Advisory Committee (SCFAC) was enacted in 1993. SCFAC is mandated by S.C. Code 63-11-1950 to identify patterns in child fatalities that will guide efforts by agencies, communities and individuals to decrease the number of preventable child deaths. Completed investigations of deaths involving children age 17-years and younger deemed to be unexpected, unexplained or suspicious in nature are reviewed bi-monthly a total of 6 times in the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

The mission of SCFAC is to decrease the incidence of preventable child deaths and make the public more aware of opportunities to prevent child deaths by:
• Developing an understanding of the causes of child death;
• Developing plans for implementing changes within the agencies represented; and
• Advising the Governor and the General Assembly on statutory, policy and practice changes which will prevent child deaths.

South Carolina Child Fatality Legislation

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